Photo: View towards Beerenberg

Here you can see the beautiful volcano Beerenberg with a lovely cloud above. During my stay I took lots of photos and am planning to put several out for you to view. I am afraid that I can not promise when but in due time...

There are quite a few different species of flowers, moss and grass here and I have tried to gather as many pictures of them as possible.


Here is an air photo covering the northern part of Southern Jan Mayen. At the upper side of the beach is the small cottage called Camp Vera. You can clearly see the lava streams that have flowed the area.

Copyright: Dag Kvammen
This is what the mountains look like when the snow leaves in June/July. Lava has taken the strangest shapes during the 5-700 000 years that have passed since the island appeared above the surface of the Atlantic Sea



Copyright: Dag Kvammen

'Maria Musch Bay', where the Austrian Expedition had their base in 1882-83


Look at my Panoramapictures



Copyright: Dag Kvammen

This is Ranunculus Glacialis, Glacier Buttercup. The Norwegian name is Issoleie. A common flower at Jan Mayen.

You will find several pictures from the island at the Norwegian Pages, under 'Siste Nytt'

Copyright: Dag Kvammen
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